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Homebrewing advice & supplies in Townsville

Brewing beginners and seasoned veterans from all throughout Townsville and North Queensland stock up at Homebrewers Warehouse in Currajong. Our alternative brew shop offers a huge range of unique local ingredients as well as tried and tested equipment from renowned suppliers.

We're a local family-owned business with more than 25 years of experience. As fanatical brewing enthusiasts ourselves, you can trust our expert advice will improve and develop your craft and let your creativity thrive. We also provide:
Beer equipment
Recipe creation
Brewing Ingredients
Grain cracking
Postal orders & pick-up
Water Filtration
Free filtered water
In-store demonstrations
One-on-one tutorials
We're here to help, so take your home brewing to another level and speak to our knowledgeable experts today

Beer Ingredients

Don't settle for average, off-the-shelf beers and spirits, discover amazing flavour profiles when you brew using our vast selection of ingredients. Our products are sourced from local suppliers and from the best producers and manufacturers around the world. We've got exactly what you need in any quantity you desire.

You can collect the following from our shop:
Brew in A Bag
Wort Kits
Diamondback Beer Kits
Diamondback Internationals
Diamondback Craft Clone Series
Tropic Coast and Canecutter Beer Kits
A selection of popular Australian Beer Kits including Coopers & Morgans
And much more
You can also place your orders via phone or email and we'll arrange postal delivery, or pickup.

Our focus is to help you in any way we can. Whether you are just beginning and a little nervous about messing up or an experienced brewer interested in competitions. We are here to help.
Before you start brewing at home, or trying more advanced techniques, speak to our passionate team for great advice to ensure you stay safe and have fun producing your own beer, spirits or liqueurs.
Create rich flavours you've never tasted before with a large variety of hops and grains at your fingertips. We provide wholesale supply to other brew shops throughout North Queensland, as well as postal orders.
As a specialised, independent store, you'll find equipment, kits and keg systems you won't find anywhere else in Australia. We only advocate products we've tested thoroughly ourselves—not cheap, imported knock-offs.
It's not just beer you can brew with the help of Homebrewers Warehouse, we also have a range of products to assist you in distillation both with spirits and liqueurs. Please contact us for further details.
Our videos are in order:

Basic Beer Kit Procedure
Brew in a Bag (Grain)
3 Vessel Mash Brewing (Grain)